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The role of a caregiver in Israel

An elderly person who needs help in performing the simplest daily activities is extremely vulnerable: the inability to cope with cooking, bathing, moving around negatively effects his or her mood, suppresses, aggravates depression.

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The process of aging creates many problems - physical, psychological and cognitive. It's different for every elderly person, and everyone needs help tailored to his or her specific needs. One person needs help to bath, another needs help to clean the house, the third is not able to leave his flat on his own and have a walk in a park.

The role of a caregiver is to help and support the elderly person to stay comfortable at home and make his or her daily life as independent as possible. Therefore, we must first find out what the unique needs of a particular elderly person are in order to find a caregiver with the most appropriate skills.

Sometimes it is very difficult for your dad or mom to adapt to the constant presence of a stranger in the house, who often helps him or her with such extremely intimate acts as bathing.

Since the lapping process is incredibly difficult, the employees of Lacol Company are available both to caregivers and elderly person's family members 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Our services also include comprehensive assistance in organizing the recruitment of a foreign caregiver.

If you have any problems, our team members will do their best to solve them competently, optimally and quickly. At the same time, we do not evade responsibility for our actions and do not blame others for our miscalculations, if any. It is very important for us to provide help to family members of an elderly person and surround him or her with the care he needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns: 072-3593729.

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