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The duties of the caregiver in the elderly's home

In general, the duties of a nursing caregiver include caring for the elderly and caring for their well-being, in all aspects.

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The caregiver must take care of the elderly's personal and environmental cleanliness, reasonable maintenance of the residential apartment where they both live, accompany him or her for tests and medical treatments as needed, as well as social gatherings according to his or her lifestyle and desires and of course alleviate his or her loneliness.

Despite the intensive work the caregiver is entitled to all social rights including weekly days off and sick days, living and economic conditions.

Long Term Care Law

The Long Term Care Law is intended to unsure care to every Israeli citizen who reaches retirement age and is unable to take care of himself. The law defines and specifies the assistance provided both through a long term care benefit and through additional services to assist the elderly. By contacting a competent local nursing company, you make sure to employ licensed caregivers who have a valid visa only, and use the right tools that help the elderly exercise their rights both in the National Insurance Institute and private insurance companies.

Lacol Company – Dignified Aging mediates and employs foreign and Israeli caregivers in the elderly's home. The process of examining the needs of the elderly and his or her families in the face of personal adjustment to the patient is long and meticulous. Our company operates nationwide and has branches in Ramla, Bat Yam, Holon, Rehovot, Raanana, Kfar Saba, Hertzlia, Petah Tikva. In addition, the company is currently working to open for the benefit of our customers additional branches throughout the country. For further details click here.

The employment of a caregiver via a nursing company will ensure an optimal match between the caregiver and the elderly, proper employment conditions and full insurance for the caregiver. All those exempt the senior and his family from any legal or other personal responsibility and guarantee employment of legally licensed and experienced caregivers only, maintaining constant contact with the patient's family, close supervision of caregivers and complete peace of mind for the elderly and his family.

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