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  • Eynat Dvorkin-Hameire

Choosing a Caregiver

Nursing status is a complex condition defined as disability or inability to perform basic daily activities including getting up in the morning, dressing and undressing, eating, showering, walking and so on. These conditions require constant help to an elderly at home and outdoors. In most cases the elderly's family is unable to provide a proper solution to his condition.

A local caregiver or a foreign one?

The first question that will arise in the discussion among the patient's family members is whether to hire a local caregiver or to look for a foreign one.

Naturally, there is no unequivocal answer to the question, but it can be stated that a local caregiver, who knows the culture and speaks the elderly's language, is more beneficial because he is able to communicate with the elderly and build with him or her a proper everyday relationship.

Regarding the question of cost, it is important to know that a foreign caregiver earns at least the Israeli minimum wage and is entitled to all social wrights and benefits, in accordance with the law and similar to local workers, which makes the cost considerations irrelevant.

However, it is not always easy to find a local caregiver who is available twenty-four hours a day and has great desire to care for a stranger with dedication. The lack of local caregivers pointed to the need to bring to Israel foreign workers. The foreign caregivers who come to Israel need work both in terms of income and in terms of housing solution, and pre-assign themselves for a period in this type of work.

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